The Directory of Grant Making Trusts 2020/21: out now

FundsOnline - The Directory of Grant Making Trusts 2020/21: out now

The new edition is now available: buy now

With this guide, you’ll have access to key information on about 2,000 grant-makers, each with the potential to give around £50,000 or more per year.

Who should buy this book?

This is the key information source for fundraisers, with which you can save time on finding funding prospects, target the grant-makers most relevant to your charity and discover funders you might not have known existed.

This book was voted fourth on The Guardian’s 2016 list of “Five must-reads for charity workers“.

What does it cover?

DSC’s flagship guide to grant-makers includes:

  • Concise information and contact details for every record
  • Total amounts of funding available for each grant-maker
  • Examples of beneficiaries in each listing, for guidance on the organisations previously funded
  • Extensive indexes divided by geographical area, field of interest and type of beneficiary, type of organisation, and type of grant available
  • Each grant-maker’s description of project types that can or cannot qualify for funding

“No one wants to spend unnecessary time making or reviewing inappropriate applications and so being able to depend on a resource such as The Directory of Grant Making Trusts is hugely valuable. With those many thousands of grant-making bodies nationwide, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and having the key details of the geographical area, grants awarded and, most importantly, funding interests, priorities and criteria all in one place is incredibly useful to find the grant-maker that can be right for your charity and project.”

Amanda Bringans, Director of Fundraising, British Heart Foundation and Chair of Trustees, Institute of Fundraising [from the Foreword]


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