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March Policy Update

By Gabriella Poznansky, Senior Digital Content and Communications Officer, DSC We’re now at the end of March and the next general election is still looming somewhere in the distance. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has ruled out a 2 May election, but who knows what’s around the corner!   In this month’s policy update, find out more…
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FundsOnline - March Policy Update

The key components of a successful major appeal

By Giles Pegram Any charity right now could start the process of launching a major appeal. But what truly makes a major appeal successful?     What is the difference between a capital appeal and a major appeal?  A ‘capital appeal’ though good, and able to give a compelling case for support, is not necessary for a ‘major appeal’. Both…
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FundsOnline - The key components of a successful major appeal

Using LinkedIn to grow your fundraising

By Michelle Benson, Founder of Culture of Philanthropy Fundraisers, you are at your most productive when you are:  Engaging prospective donors  Honing your case of support  Securing new donors  Stewarding existing relationships  But as many fundraising teams are already woefully under-resourced, finding time to prioritise the above while meeting the internal demands of your charity…
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FundsOnline - Using LinkedIn to grow your fundraising

The self-censorship of charity leaders

By Andrew Purkis, DSC Trustee It was in the 1990s that, passing a Church of England vicarage on my daily route to the London Underground, I noticed that the vicar – who subsequently became a well-known public figure – had Conservative Party election posters in every window facing the street. Possibly as a premonition of…
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FundsOnline - The self-censorship of charity leaders