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The Civil Society Group launches to increase collaboration between charity bodies

News release Thursday 4 November Formed out of intensive joint-working between leading infrastructure, representative and membership charities during the pandemic, The Civil Society Group has launched to increase collaboration, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and streamline engagement with governments. The Civil Society Group aims to harness the collective strengths of organisations’ diverse networks, improve efficiency and…
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FundsOnline - The Civil Society Group launches to increase collaboration between charity bodies

Are your values valued?

Do you know what your charity’s values are? If you’re stuck you might try looking on the ‘About us’ section on your website, or the opening few pages in your annual report. You may know them by heart, but I wonder whether everyone in your organisation knows, understands, or shares those definitive principles. So, what…
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FundsOnline - Are your values valued?

On the shoulders of giants

Although the 3rd edition of Fundraising Strategy by Claire Routley and myself is a completely new book, it is indebted to the ideas of the pioneering fundraisers who have gone before. One such pioneer who deserves a particular shout out is, Redmond Mullin, the original author of the book which was published 25 years ago by the…
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FundsOnline - On the shoulders of giants

Charity Questions Podcast - 1x02

Charity Questions is a brand new podcast run by the Directory of Social Change where our guests will answer any question that you have (and send us) about the charity sector. Listen to the second episode of Charity Questions, where our host George Knight will be asking your questions to Debra Allcock Tyler, DSC CEO…
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FundsOnline - Charity Questions Podcast - 1x02