The Complete Fundraising Handbook: new edition out now

FundsOnline - The Complete Fundraising Handbook: new edition out now

The 7th edition is now available: buy now

If you are a fundraiser or someone who needs to raise money for your organisation or scheme, you cannot be without this book.

Who should buy this book?

Professional fundraisers, whether beginners or more experienced will benefit from the information inside this core resource. It is also a key text for chief executives, trustees and managers.

What does it cover?

This is a one-stop shop that encompasses all of the main fundraising sources and techniques. You’ll find yourself dipping into it almost every day.

  • Authoritative chapters from the world’s best fundraising and charity minds.
  • Case studies throughout of fundraising campaigns that have, and haven’t, worked.
  • The common mistakes new fundraisers make, and how to avoid them.
  • Fully updated to reflect today’s tighter regulatory environment and rapid changes in technology.

“The Complete Fundraising Handbook has kept pace with the accelerating rate of change in our profession so that it remains an invaluable and practical aid for any fundraiser, whether they may be just entering the profession or they are a mature practitioner…Since the very first edition, it’s been providing wise counsel and practical guidance for all fundraisers and this edition brilliantly continues this tradition at a time when it’s very much needed.”

Paul Amadi, Chief Supporter Officer, British Red Cross [from the Foreword]


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